About Volunteer

About Volunteering with NCMA

Volunteers are integral to NCMA’s success. With our new volunteer management system, we’ve captured all of our volunteer opportunities for you in one place and established a simple process for becoming involved.

We recognize that NCMA volunteers are looking for tasks that work best for their schedules. Volunteer opportunities now range from those requiring less time, such as small tasks and virtual participation, to larger opportunities such as committee and leadership positions. We encourage you to find the perfect fit!

Our new system encourages volunteerism at all levels by clearly defining the volunteer role and the time commitment required for each position, tracking your participation, and showing you what you have contributed over time. 

Opting In to the NCMA Volunteer Pool

Being part of the NCMA Volunteer Pool means that you’re interested in learning about future volunteer opportunities available through NCMA. Opting in is easy—with one click, you’re added to NCMA’s pool of volunteers. You’ll receive email alerts when a new opportunity opens up that matches your qualifications and interests. This means that when new opportunities come up, you'll be the first to learn about them.

Once opted in, you can of course suspend your opt-in request at any time. Just set the Invite me to volunteer when opportunities match my expertise? toggle from “Yes” to “No” on your volunteer profile to no longer receive invitations.

Click here to opt in to the Volunteer Pool

Your Volunteer Profile

Completing your volunteer profile will help us know what kind of volunteer opportunities you are interested in. You can also opt out of receiving any future communications about opportunities from your volunteer profile. 

Complete your Volunteer Profile so that we can match you with future volunteer opportunities for which you are both qualified and interested. 

Open Opportunities

Ready to get started? Consider volunteering for the opportunities that are now open! Check out the Volunteer Opportunities List. Please note, this online volunteer portal was opened on May 25, 2018. We will continue to add opportunities gradually, so please check back often!


If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions on what you would like to see included in this system, please contact us.