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    I agree with Jason.  The best forum to lodge complaints is to the source (SAM.gov) at their help-desk.  However, it's good to advise folks here so that when they encounter similar issues, they too can know whom to contact to give 'em ...uh... heck. ------------------------------ ...

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    Atlanta Chapter ********

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    I'm looking for some assistance on how to ensure destruction of proprietary information supplied to teammates during proposal development.  I'd like to send a request to subcontractors to destroy information sent to them, and would like a return document from them stating ...

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    ​Here are two (2) links that will provide good background information.  The answer is one that you must address based upon your perspective.  I believe the shortage is real, especially when qualified to mean "good" contracting professionals.  This is where subjectivity ...

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    Clyde - I cannot point to specific policy or regulation to answer your queston but I do have the following thoughts. By experience getting further guidance by communicating with agency's contracting officer that issued the BPA and related task orders is most likely ...

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