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    Logic indicates prohibited by terms of award (PSS). Can someone provide a reference or discuss how if awardee has limited SIN's how they can respond to RFP that could include SIN's not on their GSA schedule? Is teaming a viable option/ permitted?

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    While working on a solicitation where we are utilizing our 621 I Schedule I came across what appears to be contradicting Language:  "Note for Contractors:   The ordering facility/contracting officer should not request bid submissions that contain "all-inclusive ...

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    Bill, as I told you yesterday, I believe the intent is that you may not serve as a chapter officer and on a national committee  simultaneously !  i do not see a prohibition against submitting a statement of interest when your term will be over with the start of the ...

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    Because some DoD components and their contractors seem not to understand that OTAs are (by design) not FAR-based (and include FAR clauses, etc. in the Agreement documents, even when reminded that they should not be doing so), this may become an issue in the future, ...

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    There is a new Service Contract Reporting Guide (10/21/2020). It outlines all of the requirements. For DoD contracts only , your contract must meet all 3 of the following requirements: Contracts initial Award between 10/01/2008 - 9/30/2020 Service Contracts ...

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