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    RE: SECTION 3610

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    Karen, With luck you are on the right path. One of the sticking points under Section 3610 of the CARES Act is the use of "may" verses "shall" regarding he reimbursement of leave to maintain contractors/subcontractors in a "ready state".  This gives each agency broad ...

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    Jim, here are some thoughts on the issues you and a lot of government contractors, are facing. I am seeing two different situations that recent legislation is trying to help out: contractors continuing to work and contractors unable to work because the government ...

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    Hello Steven, You will need to provide all 80 qualifying CPE credits. The NCMA CPE guide should help you figure out what may count and how many credits they're worth:  NCMA CPE Guide All the best to you, Denean ------------------------------ Denean Machis CPCM Chief ...

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    Good point about the employee wanting to stay at a different brand to get points, which the employee will use for personal travel later. If that personal preference costs more than the approved rate, I would make the employee pay the difference. You cannot spend public ...

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    This is slightly off topic, but if a subcontractor is in SAM, it helps primes when reporting subcontract awards under FAR 52.204-10 (FFATA). If the subcontractor has a SAM record, FSRS pulls the data into the report, including executive compensation if the subcontractor ...

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