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    ​Hi Lorisa, Based on my experience as a study group instructor for 7 years, looks like what ever study materials you were provided is based on the last version of the exam before the latest update, which occurred in 2016. The 3rd edition of the CFCM study guide follows ...

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    Hi NCMAers! I will soon be putting together several large subcontracts(over $10M) and am looking for any software that will make that task a bit easier. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I've done it the hard way previously and wish to find an easier path. ...

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    ​In response to Ms. Taylor and Mr. Bourgalt's request: Most Govt interviews in the contracting ("1102") field consist of a set of questions asked of each applicant.  Applicants are informed that they will receive a certain amount of time to answer all questions and ...

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    I discussed the possibility to implement the provisions of the FAR  28.102-1 (a) with the CO since the works will be done in a non-US country, however, the clause provides for the waiver which would be understandably risky for the USG as the project value is considerably ...

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