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Dr. James N. Phillips Jr. , The Contracting Guy SM

The Contracting Guy LLC focuses on Small Business access, entry, and participation in U.S. Federal Acquisition.  

When looking for a Coach you want results! The Contracting Guy SM offers Experience, Qualifications, and Insight (EQI) into the contracting processes and practices. The Experience, Qualifications, and Insight (EQI) advantage.

The Contracting Guy SM uses small group and online training as its means to help and will on occasion consult with clients on subjects such as market research, acquisition planning, developing Independent government cost estimates (IGCE), and source selection planning.

The Contracting Guy LLC Is CVE certified service-disabled veteran-owned small Micro-Consulting company. The Contracting Guy LLC accepts credit cards.

The Contracting Guy LLC helps small businesses and understand government solicitations and how to prepare competitive proposals. It also aids small businesses by increasing their contracting intelligence (CI) and thereby improving the likelihood that their proposal will be successful. The primary method is micro-consulting and the principal tool is the USPP book and associated USPP workshop. (

The Contracting Guy SM is a former government Contracting Officer who has served in the Department of Defense and Department of Veterans Affairs. He is an author who has been published in NCMA’s Contract Management, DAU’s Defense Acquisition, Federal Management, Government CIO, Journal of Healthcare Contracting, and The Lean Post. He holds numerous business-related degrees and certifications. His background is contracting healthcare and non-profit management.


American Meridian University
Boca Raton, Florida, United States
Doctor of Business Administration, 2015
Health Sciences Management
2012 To 2015
Advisor: Dr Robert Gee

Troy University
Troy, Alabama, United States
Master in Public Administration, 1991
Public Administration
1990 To 1991