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Seasoned contracts professional with extensive experience in U.S. and foreign government prime and subcontract management and administration, both in the U.S. and abroad.

After 43 years in this business, nearly 37 as an NCMA member, I'm on the down slope of my career looking forward to retirement soon. Not by choice but by geography, I haven't been active in NCMA. My first few years, as a USAF civilian in the 1970s, I worked some 200 miles from the nearest NCMA chapter in New Orleans, and had barely heard of NCMA. For a while I worked in New Orleans, but NCMA participation was difficult because it took well over an hour to get from New Orleans to most of the Mardi Gras Chapter meetings, held where most members worked, at the Stennis Space Center in Mississippi: outside the city, outside Louisiana, and even outside the NCMA region. Making for even worse geographical problems, I have worked overseas most of my career. I participated in two NCMA chapters that didn't survive in the Middle East, where I am working again now for a U.S. Army prime contractor. Even with the virtual chapter, the difference in time zones makes communications difficult. I do, however, want to keep in (loose) contact with the professional community, and feel obligated to lend a hand and share my experience once in a while.