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Procurement management professional with seven years of experience working with international organizations such as: ACDI/VOCA, AECOM, IESC, Creative, IRD, CADG, and Mercy Corps on USAID, WORLD BANK, OTI, CIDA, EC, DFID and USDA-funded projects focused on international development; capacity building change management, agriculture, horticulture, irrigation, stabilization, livelihoods and education. Possess experience in the areas of subcontracting, logistics and operations, comprehensive knowledge of U.S. government regulations such as FAR/AIDAR/CFR/ADS/OMB and best practices in procurement. Skilled manager with over three years of supervisory experience, and demonstrated competency to lead team to complete procurement correctly and meet tight deadlines under pressure.

Obtained extensive learning exposure of conducting acquisitions and subcontracts through 20 subordinates from pre-award to post-award for federally funded grants, contracts and cooperative agreement awards; through the (USAID) United State Agency for International Development, which were implemented internationally. Established effective procurement planning, selected appropriate solicitation approach, conducted full and open competitions, technical and cost evaluations committees, negotiated contracts, drafted negotiation/source selection memorandums and created awards/subcontracts; overseen and closeouts of awards and ensured compliance with donor/USAID directives as well as agency level protocols.