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Hello Good People:

I was born in Brooklyn, NY too many years ago and spent my teen years in New Jersey near Philadelphia.  I graduated from Rowan University with honors and moved to work for the Pentagon in the Washington, DC area where I worked for DCAA and helped to prepare the Defense Budget.  This move to D.C. was subsequent to working for the Reagan campaign full-time and then the Tom Kean for Governor campaign.  I received awards as a YR in New Jersey. 

While I worked for DCAA in Maryland, I took my CPA exam and passed the entire exam on my first sitting with scores in the 80s, including an 88 in Accounting Practice and a 91 in Auditing. 

After leaving DCAA I went to work for a State Department contractor as a controller, contract administrator and Security Officer.  As a security officer I did some work with the CIA. 

I learned a tremendous amount about government contracting in this position.  I then went to work for Westinghouse Electric Defense as a government compliance auditor as part of the DII.  My wife became very ill and so I had to leave Westinghouse because I could no longer travel.  So I worked then as a Senior Consultant performing many very interesting projects and helping a small 8(a) firm get out of bankruptcy and then winning millions of dollars in new contracts with NIH and the NSF.  I used my knowledge of GAAP to do this. 

I then went to work as a contract specialist for the Corps of Engineers due to my work in construction and then back to DCAA for six years in Arlington, VA.  I loved Arlington and was elected by the County Council to serve on the Community Services Board to serve autistic kids.  I love kids and I loved my autistic kids and their great, dedicated parents.  I would do anything for them.  I had a staff of two great people.  I wasn't new to volunteering as I previously served on the Board of Citizens Against Spousal Abuse in Maryland and lobbied Congress to pass bills for mentally ill people. 

I am still an authority in US GAAP and IFRS and I recently wrote an article on GAAP vs. IFRS for property, plant and equipment.  I'm looking for a publisher now..

So I have worked for DCAA for about 10 years and starting in 2006 I continued to represent clients before DCAA.  I have saved clients a lot of money due to my knowledge about DCAA practices and I find that they are becoming more aggressive so I have clients who will go out of business if I don't address DCAA intelligently. 

So I hope to join some groups and help people out and more importantly to learn some things from the great people and content on this site.