March 11: Terms and Conditions: Which Do You Really Need and What's the Real Impact?

When:  Mar 11, 2021 from 12:00 PM to 1:30 PM (ET)
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Contract terms and conditions directly impact the cost, quality and delivery of a contract scope of work.  Sometimes buyers take the approach of including as many terms as possible in the hope of avoiding risk and sometimes sellers accept terms and conditions without recognizing their full impact.  

This webinar will take a practical look at the most impactful terms and conditions in U.S. federal government contracting. The presenter will lay out specifics on how to plan terms and conditions in the early acquisition stages, discuss when and what to negotiate and how to avoid the negative impact of improper or unnecessary terms.   The session will look at specific terms from the government buyer, prime contractor and subcontractor perspectives. 

Learning Objectives:
  1. Plan terms and conditions at the market research stage.
  2. Decide which clauses are negotiable.
  3. Recognize the impact of agreeing to the wrong clause.  

CMBOK Competencies:  3.2 “Contract Principles”; 4.1, “ Plan Solicitation”; 4.3 “Plan Sales”; 4.4. “Prepare Offer”; 5.2, “ Plan Negotiations”; 6.1, “Administer Contract”; 6.2, “Ensure Quality”; 6.3, “Manage Subcontracts”; 6.4, “Manage Changes”, 6.5, “Closeout” 

Level of Difficulty: Intermediate

Intended Audience: Government Contracting Officers, Program Managers and Contract Officer Representatives; Industry Contract, Finance, and Program Managers.  

Cost: $50 per NCMA member/$63 non-member.  NCMA is providing individual, rather than site-based, pricing for this webinar in support of social distancing.  To register a group, email with the company name, webinar date, and number of attendees.