January 9: When Government Property Gets Lost

When:  Jan 9, 2020 from 12:00 PM to 1:30 PM (ET)

When government property is “lost,” what are the government’s requirements? When may the government hold a contractor liable for lost government property, and in what amount? Who has the authority to grant “Relief of Responsibility” to the contractor for lost government property? These and many other questions regarding lost government property will be answered during this webinar.

Learning Objectives:

  1.  Understand the difference between the full and limited “Risk of Loss” provisions for government property under FAR-governed contracts.
  2. Properly determine the “quantum” assessed by the government for lost government property.
  3. Apply the reporting requirements under the FAR and DFARS for lost government property.

CMBOK Competency:, “Risk of Loss”; 4.0 "Pre-Award"; "Owner-Furnished Property"

Level of Difficulty: Intermediate


Dr. Douglas N. Goetz, CPPM, CF, MIAM

Dr. Douglas Goetz has extensive experience as a property administrator within DOD. He previously served as the National Editor of the Property Professional for 20 years and is now the Editor Emeritus. He also served as a professor for the Defense Contract Property Management Series of courses offered at AFIT and DAU and chaired the DFARS Supplement 3 Rewrite Committee, where he was the principal author responsi